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Round 4, Sign-Ups

So You'd Like to Be a Last Icon Maker Standing!

Please click here to read the rules, first.

To become a participant, comment here with the 'secret phrase' and I will add you.

You need absolutely no experience to sign up. This is open to beginners through experts.

The first challenge will begin in a few weeks. Sign-ups will stay open until the end of the first challenge.

If you have a suggestion for a challenge, or anything you'd like me to know, comment here or on a challenge post :)



Once you have signed up, you can go to the skip post Here to get an extra skip.

Round 3, Challenge 9 FINAL!

Round 3, Challenge 9 FINAL!

Our very last challenge of this round! Big congrats to our three finalists who made it this far.

For this challenge, you must create a header for the comm that says 'Phantom_Lims' or 'Phantom Lims' on it somewhere. The height is up to you, but the width must be 700pxls. You may use any caps you like, but no actor pics. You must also create a matching icon that says 'Phantom_Lims' or 'Phantom Lims' too.

- Header must be 700pxls long.
- Icon must be 100x100, lj standards etc. etc. (you all know it...)
- Both header and icon must say 'Phantom_Lims' or 'Phantom Lims' somewhere on them.
- No actor pics please, caps only (or photoshoots etc.)
- 'Round Four' would be nice to have on it, but that's optional.
- Header/Icon combos will be due in two weeks, on the 14th of December.

The following iconmakers must submit a header:

Round 3, Challenge 8, Voting!

Round 3, Challenge 8, Voting!

Vote for your one lesser quality icon from the first group, and one from the second, plus one overall (from either of the groups) favorite. Example:

Group 1 Lesser: ## reason
Group 2 Lesser: ## reason

Favorite: Group 1 or Group 2 ##

All iconmakers must vote. If you do not vote, one penalty point will be docked from your icon.
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